Calf fittings from 30 cms to 60 cms 
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1.  How do I know if I am measuring the widest part of my calf?

Taking care when measuring is always important so we are able to send you the correct size first time so you can go out in your new boots as soon as they arrive.  If you are a little unsure about where the broadest part of your calf is we suggest gently running your hand along the back of your calf to feel the contours.  You will soon get a good idea of where you should take the measurement.  Alternatively ask a friend or a family member to give you a hand. You can also have a look at our Fit/Measuring Guide


2.  I am confused about which calf width fitting I should order. 

I measure 42cm around the widest part of my calves, but CM offer boots in 40 cms 42,5 cms and 45 cms.  Which do I choose? Normally, you should select the nearest width up, so 42,5 cms in this case.


When selecting the calf fit think about how you intend to wear the boots.  If you want to wear them with a skirt and tights, pls add 1 cm to your calf circumference.


Also have a good look at your boot which you intended to buy. If they have enough adjustability in the calf/ankle area, you might still fit the 42,5 cms.


Do remember, however, that leather is a natural product and will give with time.


3.  How do I know if I have the correct shoe size?

We work with Continental shoe sizing and have introduced a number of ways for you to make sure you have the correct shoe size.  Please check our shoe size conversion table, the foot size measuring guide


If you are still unsure please contact us via email ( ) and a member of our team will be in touch.


4.  I am very tall, will your boots be long enough in the leg or will they sit mid calf?

CM works to the principle that the greater the foot size the greater the need for a longer boot.  Leg lengths of our boots increase upon each the size of the foot.


5.  I have large/slim ankles. Will your boots fit?

Our multiple width fitting system means that the height of the instep, the width of the foot bed and the circumference changes in relation to the size of the foot and the circumference of the calf.  The curvier the calf the more room around to ankle and foot.  When you first wear your boots you may find them a little snug around the ankle, but don’t worry leather is a natural fibre and will stretch. 


However, all of our products have a removable insole so if you find the fit a little snug remove the insole and wear the boots without it for a couple of days until the leather gives.


If you are still unsure please contact us ( ) and a member of our team will be in touch.


6.  I noticed that CM Boots&Shoes is connected to JJ Footwear, why is that?

CM has been invented by JJ Footwear and uses a different calf fitting system. CM Boots has up to 13 calfwidths, whereas JJ Footwear only has 5 widths. Although the two brands are separated, both of them belong to the same “mother company”.

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